Storify your articles automatically!

Zmooz helps publishers reduce their Stories production time and cost of up to 90%

zmooz vertical storification

Digital Stories are multimedia content 

that combine videos, images, audios

text and interactionS !

Digital stories turn any content (news, products, feedback, links… ) into a narrative like a traditional story leading the viewer through the information you want to convey and the action you want to inspire.

The Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.

– Chris Cox, Facebook chief product officer

Users of Story

Zmooz is the first, multi -devices, stories editor
for professionals
to create, diffuse & monetize stories

For SEO optimization, both our studio and apps 

generate natively stories in AMP Stories format.  

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Your Stories

A new user Experience

  • The most optimized and appreciated content format on mobile devices
  • Let your audience react
  • Interact with your audience
  • Benefit from full multi-media content (Video, Audio, podcast)

New monetization

  • Vertical full screen ads offer the highest add performances
  • New formats , new way of communication for brands
  • User free engagement
  • Highest CPM of the market
Studio of Zmooz Stories

Desktop Studio :

- Create edit and monetize stories
- Use customized templates to accelerate story production
- Add animations, interactions, audios, widgets, polls, votes , etc.
- Create Stories automatically from articles
- Measure & monetize
- Publish to AMP stories, OPEN WEB stories and INSTAGRAM stories

AMP Story CBNews


- Create and edit stories
- Record videos, audios and podcasts
- Add animation and effects - Create vertical assets
- Create stories channels
- Add votes, quizzes, messaging - Watch premium stories
- Share stories on all social apps
- Post to Instagram
- Post to AMP Story
Zmooz provides Stories SDK for apps

Storification animation horizontal


Automatically turn homepages, articles, images and videos, into vertical, interactive, digital stories

Storify your content with templates and animation customization

Create new stories inventories
Generate new high revenues



Zmooz allows you all the tools needed to bond with your audience by asking for their preferences and allowing them to give feedback through likes, messaging, votes, commenting, ratings, polls, links, etc.

Engagement Measurement

Zmooz offers numerous analytics to measure all navigation, behavior interactions & statistics on your Digital stories


Thanks to our apps, create vertical videos, images and stories to post on the social networks and your sites!

The digital story format helps to create proximity to audiences thanks to the IOS and Android applications which allow the creation of spontaneous videos and content in minutes.


The Internet user is looking for authenticity. If he does not find it on your site, he will look elsewhere. This holds true as much for corporate news as for your offers & products.


Add your existing Adserver tags to the stories in 3 clicks : Intersticials, Vertical videos, StoryAds


is one criteria to promise to your announcers. What better for branding than occupying the entire mobile screen directly in the hands of your audiences?

provides advertisers with endless tools to engage and interact with audiences. Performance is the cherry on the cake.

Vertical full-screen ads
vertical ads have up to 9 times more completed views than their horizontal counterparts.

The Digital Story format
brings the long-awaited advertising performance on mobiles!

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