Zmooz FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started WITH WEB STORIES

Bloggers, publishers or any amateur users can create an account on Zmooz and create stories. For each category of users, there is always a free plan. To be able to use automated storification and advanced features, we recommend to create a pro account. There is always a free plan available for pro accounts as for non pro accounts.


There is a free plan for each category of users : publishers, bloggers or anyone who wants to create a story.

The  app is totally  free and you may create stories with images, polls, quizzes etc.


Manual story creation is free with no limits


Professionals seeking customized and advanced services and features contact us.

To sign up on the Web , just click here : Create and Watch Web Stories (


For publishers and bloggers we recommend to select the option professional. Once the form filled, check your email or your phone to get the the sign up verification code.



Then to access the studio to create and edit stories , clic here : ZMOOZ



The Zmooz mobile app is available for IOS and Android. Download free :

Download for Android devices

Download of IOS/ Apple devices

Click the plus icon and you will be prompted to enter a title and select which channel to publish to. You can then take photos or videos or add existing photos from your mobile device. You can then add links, hashtags and play with the different filters, fonts and color choices.

Professional accounts can use the desktop studio and create robots with the Zmooz team to automatically convert existing website content into stories. Contact us for details.

Read the tutorial, Create a Story for more details on creating stories.

Upload photos from birthday parties, travel pics, your baking success… whatever moves you to share. Simply upload your images and add text, links and more.

Professionals seeking to create their story site can have a robot automatically convert existing articles to the story format. Contact us for details.


Yes, Zmooz offers professional publishers technology to automatically turn websites into stories. Click here to see an example.


Visuals are a very important aspect of a Zmooz story. We offer several ways for you to add media to your stories. 



In the main menu click on “My stories”.

Click on the first tab “Arrange” when you are in the edit mode of a story. 

Press and hold the image and the “delete” trash bin will appear. Simply drag the image to the trash bin.

Stories can have multiple slides containing videos, photos, polls, quizzes, feedback, messaging, ratings and so much more. 

Stories can be created in the language of your choice. Just be sure the language you have chosen in “Profile Settings” is set to the same language of your stories.


 “Can I have my web stories hosted on my own domain?”

The answer is : Yes!

There is 2 possibilities to host your web stories on your own domain

1/ Create  a subdomain like the exemple below  in your DNS and route it to as a CNAME : 

Zmooz Web stories domains

Then go to ZMOOZ Studio and click here : 

Then follow the process in the video :

2/ If you want to have your stories hosted on a directory like

Then follow the steps :

a/ Go to ZMOOZ Studio and paste the URL of one of your stories

b/ In the left menu, go to settings/ syudomains or click here : 

c/ On the top right side of the screen click on Add New

d/ Then fill up the form as described

and Save.

e/ In your NGNIX or equivalent add this configuration :

location /stories {
proxy_set_header Host $host;


You’re all set.


Zmooz brings a complete Digital Stories Platform to Professionals to create, diffuse & monetize stories with both a desktop studio and IOS and Android mobile apps. 

Featuring the fastest easiest solution for converting large amounts of content instantly into interactive vertical stories for mobile devices.

Zmooz was developed for complex Multi-level editorial teams and posting privileges.

Multi-level editorial and posting privileges managed through the desktop suite​

APIs and Interfaces to bridge directly to your existing CMS and publication tools. Our AMP API converts stories to AMP Stories format

We provide all the analytics publishers could want by channel, story, category, time period, etc.

Contact us for details and a demonstration

To monetize your stories , you can add a Google Adsense Tag directly in your channel form :

Click here in : (in the Menu : Channels )

Then  clic on the left side of the line , on the pen icon :

Scroll down the form down to the Google topic :

Here , you can paste the Google Adsense tag , The Google Search Console ID of your site , as well as the Google Analytics ID.

SHARE Your WEB Stories

Mobile Apps

You will find an arrow icon on the bottom left of every story. Use this icon to share a story.
You will be proposed to share the story by :

  • SMS,  Messenger and other messaging apps,
  • Email
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 
  • Select “Copy” and you copy the link to share anywhere you want!
Desktop Studio (Premium for professionals) 
When logged-in to the studio go to the “Stories” catalogue listing all your stories. The “Actions” columns provides a share icon for each story. Simply click on the icon to recuperate your Story link or an embed code to insert into any web page.

You will find an arrow icon on the bottom left of every story. Click on this icon . Select “Copy” and you copy the link to share anywhere you want!  Paste the link into your social media or use an iframe to insert into a web page.


Add a swipe up link

Mobile App:

When creating a story in the app, there are three buttons on the op of the screen. Click the middle icon (arrow) to add a swipe up link to the slide you are working on. Then simply add the URL of the article and a title such as “read more” that will serve as the link text on the story.

Desktop Studio (Premium for professionals) 

When logged into the studio, creating a story, use the menu “interactions” to add a swipe-up link.  



Watching WEB Stories

To navigate the stories in a channel, simply swipe left or right to move to the next story.
From the search: When you are in a story you can navigate back to your search by swiping down from top of screen.

Mobile app

Tap on the “me” icon in the bottom right screen of the Zmooz App.  You will see a list of all the stories you have created. Click on the play button to view the story or  click on the pencil icon to edit or delete the story. 

Zmooz Premium for Professionals

The desktop studio lists all the stories you have created and depending on the rights your account has been accorded you will see stories created in your team or department. There is a detailed filter and search to simplify navigating the stories in your account.

My Account

You can change your profile settings at any time in the app using the main menu (burger menu) and selecting “Profile.”

You will be able to change :

  • Your profile picture
  • User name
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Language 
  • Age