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Create original, personalized Web Stories from your own articles, automatically.

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zmooz vertical storification

Increase audiences and engagement on smartphones with the new vertical content experience.

Seeing that a billion people watch stories every day on social media, Google is pushing forward Web Stories, giving smartphone readers an engaging preview of your content. 


Save time and money!

Increase the ROI of your articles!

Thanks to AI and custom setup, get new, original Web Stories automatically!

  •  Web Stories bring you additional traffic from Google.
  • Vertical ads perform up to 10 times higher than horizontal ads.
  • Revenue growth from vertical ads is 100% higher than horizontal ads.
  • Zmooz reduces Web Stories production cost by 90%.


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Is there a risk of duplicate content?

Each story created is considered by Google as an original content, and requires no link to or from the article.

Can I share the story on social media?

Each story can be automatically or manually shared on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat.


Is the production completly automated?

Most publishers have storification fully automated, but you can control and publish through our design interface.



How can I monetize the stories?

Publishers can monetize with their regular sources that have compatible technology with AMP stories. Zmooz platform also includes a story ad server for native ads and special operations.



Can I edit or delete a story?

Publishers have full control of each story. 

They can fully edit, add or delete a slide or the full story.


Are the SEO parameters of Web Stories optimized?

Yes, the SEO parameters of every Web Story created are optimized and made automatically.