Desktop is often preferred by professionals to be efficient in managing tasks.
With Zmooz Studio on Desktop, publishers can not only:

• Create, publish and share beautiful stories but also …
• Manage roles, organisation, ads monetization, automated storification and detailed analytics
example of a production from the studio
 1. Automate: generate stories automatically from articles
 2. Edit: create or modify stories from the desktop studio and Apps (IOS and Android)
 3. Enrich: enrich your stories with all media types: videos, images, gifs , podcasts, voiceovers, music.
 4. Animate: energize stories with animations and special effects: bland, zooms, twirls,…
 5. Interact: enrich your stories with interaction (messages, comments, votes, swipes, links, etc.
 6. Broadcast on the web: Add and disseminate stories on your own domains in HTML and with Google AMP
 7. Distribute in Apps: distribute your stories in Apps with an SDK
 8. Measure: Receive detailed statistics
 9. Monetize: Add display, video and story advertising campaigns!!
studio editing of a Web Story